For 2019, the astounding performance roster includes Satori Circus, Detroit Circus, Jade Ashekerra, Shadowe FeuerJennabelle WinglessStella Isis Rothe and Rocky Raquel.  Accompanying the performances, we are graced again with the mesmerizing live electric strings of Dixon’s Violin and the emotive soundscapes of Marcus Concernicus.

Thursday 10/24 – The Darkness

A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self

07:00 –   –   – VIP Preview w/Artist Reception, Absinthe Tasting and Chef Prepared Tapas
07:30 Jennabelle Wingless “Thirsty” – Drowning in addiction
08:00 Rocky Raquel “Untitled” – We are both victims and perpetuators of the capitalist cycles that threaten our humanity.
08:30 Sara/Detroit Circus “shadow work” – A movement-based exploration of the hidden self.
09:00 –   –   – Public Doors
09:30 Shadowe Feuer “Nothing Left” – The Journey from where to here.
10:00 Stella Isis Rothe “They Have Always Locked Us In Towers” – A balletic exploration of the suppression and isolation of women throughout history.
10:30 Satori Circus “Cream” – Butoh inspired performance about gluttony/desire/fetish
11:00 Jade Ashekerra “Remnants” – A demonstration of the struggle to move forward.
11:30 Jay/Detroit Circus “SEE ME” – Taken by others as we are, but seen by comparison to what we are not. See through their mirror, and perhaps they might see through yours.
12:00 Satori Circus “Accumulation” – Butoh inspired performance about greed/keeping up the society/envy.

Friday 10/25 – The Enlightenment

A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal

07:00 –   –   – VIP Gala w/B Nektar Mead Tasting and Internationally-inspired Tapas
07:30 Jennabelle Wingless “Mannequin” – Breaking free of gender expectancy and exploring self identity
08:00 Rocky Raquel “Pieces of Me” – As members of Detroit’s creative community we inspire one another, support one another, and shape one another into the artists we are meant to be.
08:30 Jay/Detroit Circus “Interlacing” – An aerial performance about trust and control.
09:00 –   –   – Public Doors
09:30 Shadowe Feuer “Agglomeration” – Questioning the Olio.
10:00 Stella Isis Rothe “Sunrise” – A conceptual ballet exploring mental illness and recovery – darkness to light; welcome, Sunrise.
10:30 Satori Circus “Daisy” – Inspired by butoh and children’s naiveté performance piece about the thread that keeps us all bound together some way….somehow.
11:00 Jade Ashekerra “Remembrance” – Though letting go can be painful, it can be for the best.
11:30 Sara/Detroit Circus “Wanted” – An aerial performance about survival
12:00 Satori Circus “Path” – Inspired by butoh and children’s naiveté performance piece that is simple…following one’s path through it all….
12:15 Dixon’s Violin A special solo performance

Saturday 10/26 – The Masquerade

A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensuous sounds and masquerade

07:00 VIP Doors for the Masquerade Strolling Dinner prepared by on-site chefs with performance interludes from Stella Isis Rothe, Jennabelle Wingless, Rocky Raquel and Detroit Circus
09:00 Public Doors for the formal mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball with…

  • Music ambiance provided by DJs Josh Burge and Slofu
  • Aerial and strolling performances throughput the night w/Detroit Circus, Satori Circus and more TBD
12:00 Atelier Gothique Ring Giveaway

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