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Carl Demeulenaere
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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I’ve enjoyed being a part of this underground gathering of people celebrating the “DAMNED” shows. This work, one of my charms, was exhibited in 2018. In reference to the artwork submitted here, I have also referred to Charm #61 as “Gravitas.” Here, I’ve been influenced by the rich Baroque tradition of vanitas painting, using varied symbols, such as the human skull, to remind us of the passage of time and imminent death. I find that the City often has difficulty in examining such grim subject matter, but we are all mere mortals—let us face that fact! I’ve written a poem that follows. “An inescapable inscape, / An irretrievable past, / Irreconciliation / With neither rest nor repast— / A redoubtable remnant / Of a shadow long cast; / Let this be my last lament: / A Presence has passed.”


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Image 1
Title 1
Charm #61, "Gravitas"
Medium 1
metal charm, acrylic painting, Swarovski crystals, 2018
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Title 2
Medium 2
Image 3
Title 3
Medium 3