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Jeeten Patel
2018, 2019


DAMNED was nothing short of spectacular! This exhibition gave me a bigger platform to showcase my visual Snow based artworks and I am glad that I am the first Indian to reach this level. I have started my career as a Dark artist. My artworks are portal to the Static Visual Snow world. Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological condition in which the world is full of flashing lights, flickering dots, and static vision 24/7 there is no escape, even when eyes are closed. I want to educate and create awareness about Visual Snow through my artworks. Want to know that there is a thing like Visual Snow that does exist. What we see, perceive, and feel towards the world is different from others. "The dream is reality & reality is the dream, this quotidian normal but for normal ones it is abnormal. Your normal and this normal are dissimilar. If he sees zhyiak, you see it as red. One can understand this conventional red color but this so-called zhyiak is bizarre for everyone else since he can't decipher into normal terms but he can perceive it because he is living with it, born with it, for him this world is distorted, no concept of space-time exists, everything is always at the same point and feel the s same all the time."


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