Greetings artists, fans, family and friends,

For the past few months, we weighed heavily within our thoughts as we watched the world unexpectantly change before us all. We had planned to make an announcement in regards to our 2020 event on the 1st of June. Then a tragedy came, laid upon numerous tragedies before it, and it became important to give room for other voices that were necessary to be heard. Briefly for the record on our stance, we strongly stand in unity with Black Lives Matter.

Through the various uncertainties of the pandemic, thoughts towards the health and safety of our patrons, performers and crew became paramount. This brought the dire necessity to redesign and restructure our plans for our 13th anniversary event. With those uncertainties of the coming months, we simply do not feel comfortable in producing a social event that could jeopardize the health and safety of you all.

Instead, we will be creating a virtual tribute to the numerous artist and performers who have graced our walls and stage throughout our past years. This will consist of individual showcases with words from each artist and performer on their most favored creative pieces, accompanied by any available media we can find. A recollection of all who made DAMNED truly unique since year one that will remain online for DAMNED years to come.

We will be reaching out to all artists and performers during the summer with further details. In the meantime, we truly hope you all stay safe and well.


On October 29th through 31st 2020 in Detroit comes the 13th annual assemblage of extraordinary artists from across this world to display their most introspective creations at:

DAMNED – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

From the infamous to the freshest of local and international talent, this prodigious congregation will allow us a glimpse within the diverse shadows of id and ego…of overall mind and encompassing soul guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, inspire or repulse.  Rising from within the ashes of Detroit’s historic institution of Devil’s Night, this is not Halloween-themed art but an immersion within the immeasurable realms of consciousness through an elegant ambiance of live ethereal music and cirque/butoh-inspired performances.

There are 3 nights of DAMNED, each with its own distinct theme for the ambiance and performances that flourish within the exhibition:

  • 10/29 “The Darkness” – A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self. This opening night features an intimate VIP Preview/Artist Reception, absinthe tasting, an on-site chef preparing hot hors d’œuvres and experimental aerial and butoh-inspired performances.
  • 10/30 “The Enlightenment” – A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal.  This gala night features an on-site chef preparing a sampling of internationally-inspired tapas and exotic fire, aerial and experimental performances.
  • 10/31 “The Masquerade” – A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensual rhythms and masquerade. This closing night features the formal mask-mandatory masquerade ball, strolling dinner prepared by on-site chefs, sensuous dance performance interludes, the aural ambiance of DJs Josh Burge (Plastic Passion) and Slofu (Happy Endings) with a menagerie of strolling cirque performances all night.

Each night also offers a lush Moroccan-inspired VIP Lounge, a gallery store to purchase art, our Devil Girl hostesses and, of course, the art.

13th Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
Art + Performance + Dining + Masquerade

October 29th through 31st 2020
VIP 7p to 9p – General 9p to 2a

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, Michigan
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