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Jean-Paul Aboudib
2014, 2015, 2016, 2018


I have always had a gravitational attraction to the human form. Its seductive curvature and intrinsic expression is one of the earliest forms of communicating ideas, emotions and even language. I feel this inherently synergistic connection between the observer and the observed is the most transcendental entanglement human beings can experience. This notion is the catalyst for my creative process. Upon discovering the DAMNED show, I instantly knew the unvarnished wickedness this genre of Art making would bring to light. In my first exhibition at the Damned show, I felt like I was catapulted into a spiritual vortex analogous to the deepest crevices of Edgar Allan Poe‘s mind. A landscape where phantasmagoria amalgamates with Dante’s Inferno. In the four years I have exhibited my work at the damned, I have met, conversed and exchanged a deluge of ideas with fellow artists, as well as art lovers and connoisseurs. It is an unmistakable breath of fresh air to be able to expose the vulnerability and convolution of the human mind with such souls who could only appreciate its authentic value. I consider myself honored to be part of such an eclectic, enlightened and dare I say DAMNED community.


Image 1
Title 1
Darkness Taking Dawn
Medium 1
Oil on canvas
Image 2
Title 2
Flight of Relinquishment
Medium 2
Charcoal & Pastel on paper
Image 3
Title 3
Oil on canvas
Medium 3
Ladies of Hades