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Butch vs Joel
2011, 2012, 2014


Ever since 2011, a voice in the back of my mind has said, "You should move to Detroit, DAMNED is there!" I had an unearthly good time at the ball, met the best and coolest little-known artist ever (since then he's disappeared), and wished there was a god for me to thank when the boss lady took home one of my prints. In every year afterwards I have regretted being such a miser because I never made the trip to DAMNED again even though I wanted to badly. I also regret being stingy and a pain in the ass when mailing my art to the DAMNED crew, I regret being a dick when I actually attended the show, and... hell, I have a lot of things to regret these days. What's regrettable for everybody is that there's no DAMNED at all this year. I wish I lived in Detroit, I wish there was no coronavirus, and I wish I was at DAMNED 2020 wearing my dead Uncle Jimmy's tuxedo and a papier-mache pig mask, with a tall, frosty stein of locavore absinthe in my paw, and my wife, a lady of conservative tastes, nowhere to be found.


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God Washes His Hands
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Signorelli, Signorelli!
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