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Marcus Concerncus
2009, 2011, 2012, 2017


In 2009 I was a broken person; on the heels of difficult relationship issues, financial disparity, and struggling with the way my life was going. Through a couple artists I met at the Marquis De Sade show, I was introduced to DAMNED, which couldn't have happened at a better time. I had new work I was trying to get into galleries, and when I checked out DAMNED...I was ALL IN. From the founders, to the performers, I was completely inspired, and as an artist and human, I was grateful to find this thriving art community at this point in my life. It was a blessing in disguise and I'm forever grateful. I entered two pieces my first year, and was humbled and excited when they were both accepted. "Lawless Love" 5x5 ft- oil, spray paint, and paint markers on canvas. This piece spoke to how empty, broken, and torn, I was as I worked through the piece, nursing a broken heart. With music blaring, and the cold March air blowing threw my room, and a little sleep deprived, I toiled through hours of throwing paint, sobbing, drinking, and smoking. The Second piece that was accepted that year was my first 100% oil piece, 3x4 ft (the name escapes me). It's a peek into my psyche, my tortured soul being tormented my all my personal demons, laughing, screaming, shaming, and ridiculing me for ruining all my relationships, creating overwhelming feelings of insignificance. A few years later I entered a new piece, "Where Is My Mind" 3x4 ft. Creating this piece guided me through the complicated feelings I have when trying to seek the truth...about anything. At this point in my life, I had become fully aware of how bizarre the world actually is. I've quietly, and sometimes quite loudly, lost my mind when exploring the realms of what people know as "Conspiracy Theories" Everything from 911, to UFO's, to poison in the water, to using Cannabis as a coping tool when researching all this crazy stuff. It's fear, anxiety, and everything in between, interpreted with craft paints, acrylic and paint markers on canvas. After a few years of submitting art for the gallery, the collaboration of making music with, and for the performers became very attractive. Inspired by Dixon's Violin performances, I started using a loop workstation, with a variety of instruments, I would create a musical soundscape for performers like Satori Circus, Jade&Shadow, Jennabelle Wingless, and several other talented artists to fulfill their vision; and hopefully enchanting the Damned guests throughout the evening, and for the VIP Dinners, which were most enjoyable. I very much look forward to the return of this Enlightened Exhibition; another opportunity to dance between the light and the darkness. Much love to my amazing DAMNED Family.


Image 1
Title 1
Where Is My Mind?
Medium 1
Acrylics and Paint Markers
Image 2
Title 2
Blissfull Abyss
Medium 2
Image 3
Title 3
Beautiful Decay
Medium 3