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Catherine Peet
2008, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017


I had the good fortune of being a participant as a DAMNED artist a few times. The most memorable time was the first one held in 2008. My sister, who has always been supportive of any art exhibiting endeavors, came to the show. She brought along her husband and a couple who were very conservative suburban friends. They assumed it would be a Halloween party of some sort and came wearing sweatshirts with pumpkins and other grandma type decorations on them. Needless to say, they had a look on their faces that was one both of shock and fear! My brother-in-law did a little swallow and shook his head at me. I’m sure, though, that he thoroughly enjoyed the scantily clad witch women. It was such a hilarious image, one I will always enjoy remembering. While my work isn’t always on the dark side, the DAMNED show was and is a good place to let the darkness shine. Like my work, it is at times both beautiful and sinister. Cath


Image 1
Title 1
The Stage is Set
Medium 1
Mixed media/assemblage
Image 2
Title 2
Story Teller
Medium 2
Mixed media/asseblage
Image 3
Title 3
The Triumph of Time
Medium 3
Mixed media/assemblage