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Madyson Blair


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“No tree, it is said, can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell” –Carl Jung My piece, “Finding the King” strives to channel the archetypal polarities of Above - Below, Light-Dark and Feminine-Masculine in a way which both reveals and conceals their sacred unity. Very much in line with the DAMNED tagline, this illustration beckons a hidden truth: that all opposites secretly dwell inside each other, the light in the darkness, the male in the female, the Heaven in the Hell, the order in the chaos and so on. My intention was to grant the viewer an unconscious sense of these blended opposites in such a way that was inconspicuous yet undeniable. Depending on one’s interpretation, a variety of emotional and psychological responses may ensue ranging anywhere from vague disquiet to confrontational cognitive dissonance—or even a cathartic sense of mytho-poetic triumph. I look back upon my time at DAMNED IX with much fondness. I remember being so deeply immersed in the artwork and performances that I felt almost as if I’d stepped into another realm entirely. My husband and I are both suckers for anything chthonic, sensual and spiritually transformative, so we fit right in! As a writer an artist who frequently depicts phantasmagorical imagery in the realm of decadent theatrics I was immensely inspired, to say the least. I am truly honoured to have been a small part of such an incredible showcase and hope to get that opportunity again in the future.


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"Finding the King"
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Coloured Pencil
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