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Michael Kruso
2017, 2018, 2019


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I have always heard of this show back when I started doing artwork in 2012/2013. I was told that being a part of this show is amazing and that it is hard to be a part of it. I did submit I think in 2014, but didn't get in the show at that time. I was able to see the pieces that were apart of the show and I saw intense and beautiful the show was. That fueled my desire to be apart of this show no matter how long it took me, I had to be in this show among some of these great creative souls. When 2017 came, I worked hard in order to be in the show. Honestly I'm still shocked and grateful to be in the 10th anniversary show, and it was my first DAMNED. To be in a show with friends who have been doing this for many years is a honor and to witness the beautiful performances brought so much joy to me. The following shows I was in were just as great and beautiful. I felt at home being a part of this show with many excellent artists and wonderful people. It inspired me to keep going and creating no matter what.


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Forever Trapped in Hell
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Succubus Eternal Pleasure
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