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erin kruczek
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


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To me, DAMNED time of year is my favorite time. DAMNED allows me to submit and show the work that I do that is closest to my heart. Sharing my more personal works in a beautiful setting like DAMNED is so fulfilling, from the introspective atmosphere created, to the comfort and awe of seeing other dark works hanging along the walls. I consider myself really lucky to have my work chosen for the past six years in a row. The DAMNED crew are not only pros, but they really care about putting on the best, and most thoughtful show possible. I can always look forward to the masquerade this time of year. I hope that next year we can all be together and enjoy the darkness and the light.


Submit up to 3 images of exhibited artwork below. NOTE: All uploaded images MUST have been exhibited at DAMNED.

Image 1
Title 1
Medium 1
Mixed media on Wood
Image 2
Title 2
The Flood
Medium 2
Colored pencil on watercolor paper
Image 3
Title 3
Despair: The Constellation
Medium 3
Watercolor and colored pencil on paper