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Shannon Gardner
2018, 2019


Master of Decay 2018 Lurking at Night 2019 Throughout my work I practice the Asian technique of Wabi Sabi; beauty within imperfections. Using India Ink creates beauty within imperfections while creating an earthy grunge aesthetic. I strive to explore unearthed beauty and imitate Earth’s natural faults. Allowing ink to flow unconfined produces an ominous burnt feeling attributing to a worn allure seen throughout my work. I was unable to attend Damned gatherings in person but had great success the first year where a reproduction of my piece, Master of Decay, sold the first night. I am forever honored to be a Damned Artist. Psychiatrist Carl Jung was known for exploring the Collective Unconscious and Archetypes; recurrent symbols and motifs seen throughout human history. This piece was inspired by Jungian Archetypes of the Boogeyman. Entitled, Master of Decay, I believe this spontaneous drawing illustrates a common familiarity of our shared fears. Unknown noises and figures have inspired horrific stories throughout history. As a continuation of Master of Decay, Lurking at Night, illustrates illusions of the mind when distinguishing shapes and movement in the dark. Using ink serendipitously conveys a grunge aesthetic and illustrates a haunting feeling. The goal with this technique is to create an uneasy and anxious feeling for the viewer, similarly when looking in the dark. Shannon Gardner


Image 1
Title 1
Master of Decay
Medium 1
Ink on Paper
Image 2
Title 2
Lurking At Night
Medium 2
Ink on Paper
Image 3
Title 3
Medium 3