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Andolini Aziz


Enter your DAMNED statement below. Please note that only text is allowed (no HTML). We prefer that your statement relates to your views of and/or experiences with being a part of DAMNED. Feel free to share any thoughts of attending the DAMNED events, the DAMNED friendships you may have created and and/or how DAMNED may have affected you as an artist.

DAMNED SHOW October 2019 This was the first entry into Damned show and it was nothing short of spectacular! The piece I entered is titled Outworld and it portrayed my conflicting thoughts on who I am and who I ought to be. I’ve experienced this turmoil since childhood on who I wanted to be… pressured by outside influence on what the world wanted me to be which was a contributing robot that would just be replaced. I knew from the very beginning what I wanted from this life. I am the rebellious child of three siblings. The repeating number in the piece is 3. I am the middle child so I emphasized the middle figure more. I did not want to color the other the other figures in a grotesque manner but merely show that the conflicts I endured are beautiful and viewed as a valuable teacher. My experience with the Damned venue allowed me to reach a broader audience and connect with the wealth of artists that Detroit had to offer. I’ve learned so much from everyone who participated in the event. The performances captivated the struggles living day to day in uncertainty what it meant to be yourself in the face of great adversity which holds true even today. I’ve met so many wonderful people in my wanderings at the venue and had a chance to peer into the world of the artists who showcased as well and I can say that Detroit has been blessed with such great talent. In light of current events, I hope that one day we can reconvene the festivities and use these trying times to create even more beautiful works of art and see how much each of us has grown and continue to endure whatever may come. I would like to thank the Damned family for welcoming me and being part of the event and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon! With Love and Light, Andolini Aziz


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