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Russ Turner Photography
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Enter your DAMNED statement below. Please note that only text is allowed (no HTML). We prefer that your statement relates to your views of and/or experiences with being a part of DAMNED. Feel free to share any thoughts of attending the DAMNED events, the DAMNED friendships you may have created and and/or how DAMNED may have affected you as an artist.

Being a DAMNED Artist has been a highlight of my photography career. The show always includes a wide variety of talented artists, each with their own unique vision and approach to the themes of the show. The DAMNED Show has further encouraged me to look deeper into my own work to find context and create with intention beyond just a pleasing image. DAMNED is a reminder that even in beauty one can find darkness. It is also a reminder that darkness, the strange or even the grotesque can contain beauty.


Submit up to 3 images of exhibited artwork below. NOTE: All uploaded images MUST have been exhibited at DAMNED.

Image 1
Title 1
Shadows Without
Medium 1
Digital Photography
Image 2
Title 2
In Spirit
Medium 2
Digital Photography
Image 3
Title 3
Medium 3