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Muhammad I. Aslam


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Conceptually, my work has always dealt with themes of entropy, dissolution, and loss. I examine these ideas in sculptural forms through the imagery of dreams, the symbolism of alchemy, and the use of the human figure as an icon. The Tourniquet series is an extension of this ideation while adding the notion of replacement into the fold. The physical idea of a tourniquet is taken as both a device to prevent further loss and as a type of punctuation - where the natural ends and the replacement begins. Here the missing limbs of the figure are replaced with exaggerated and twisted prosthetic-like forms; a stumbling attempt to reclaim an absent piece. Similarly, the concept is extended to outwardly hale bodies, or animal companions, to relate the emotional and psychological dimensions of the phenomenon along with the human need to project onto the things held dear. The Tourniquet series is ultimately an expression of the imperfect attempts, failures, fumbling grasps, and partial successes that make up an individual's journey to achieve a sense of wholeness. With the call to artists for DAMNED X 2017, I suspected I had come upon a community of like-minded creatives. I was not disappointed. It was an honor to be featured along with such a group of talented individuals from around the world. While I was not able to attend in person, I was delighted to see images from the exhibition. Perhaps when the world is in a better state, I will attend DAMNED XIII with a new piece to add to the conversation of enlightened darkness.


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Tourniquet 7
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Polymer clay
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Tourniquet 7
Medium 2
Polymer clay
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