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Jon Reyes


Enter your DAMNED statement below. Please note that only text is allowed (no HTML). We prefer that your statement relates to your views of and/or experiences with being a part of DAMNED. Feel free to share any thoughts of attending the DAMNED events, the DAMNED friendships you may have created and and/or how DAMNED may have affected you as an artist.

I had the privilege of being part of DAMNED in 2018. It was recommended to by a talented artist friend who has been involved with the show. Originally from Colombia I've lived in Denver since 1990. I work mainly in oils although occasionally work in pencil and watercolor. My paintings often include death related themes, lately a lot of Egyptian iconography. Having been a mortician/embalmer and now having worked with anatomy for the last 10 years has had a huge influenced my art. Often human anatomy and aspects of figure painting find their way into my work. It was great to be part of an art show that careers to the darker themes. I connected with great artists and made some new friends. To be able to converse with other artists and patrons who have similar taste for the three nights was a wonderful experience. My work which often has themes of death and anatomy felt at home at DAMNED. I hope to be part of DAMNED in the near future.


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