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2015, 2016, 2017, 2019


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I am a painter based in Providence, RI. My work focuses mainly on empathetic portraits of otherworldly creatures. These creatures are seldom malevolent, always grotesque, and often in a situation or mysterious ritual that only hints, but never tells. There is a play between industrial and organic forms in much of my work. Sometimes the non biological elements support the subject, other times it is a burden or even a restraint. Other elements/themes that often repeat are masks, suppression, bondage, building, or searching, and the use of strange, sometimes religious tools or items. It is my goal to always walk the fine line between anger, humor, sadness and wonder with every one of my works, inviting the viewer into an alien world that mirrors our own thoughts. Being involved in DAMNED has been one of those rare and special occasions to showcase my work among some amazing artists that are truly likeminded. As the quote by Banksy goes "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable". My fellow DAMNED artists create some disturbing, dark and beautiful art and it is a place that I feel at home knowing of the others who put their demons to canvas and are searching as they create. In 2019 I finally made my way up to the Tangent Gallery to see the show in person and meet with the other artists, collectors, and guests. As promised, it was a three night sensory experience filled with visual art, performance, interesting people and music. I have come away with an increased sense of community and a few new friends JCJGR


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Image 1
Title 1
Devil Box 1
Medium 1
mixed media
Image 2
Title 2
Shut up
Medium 2
Acrylic on board
Image 3
Title 3
Shut up 2
Medium 3
Acrylic on board