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Space Kassel


Enter your DAMNED statement below. Please note that only text is allowed (no HTML). We prefer that your statement relates to your views of and/or experiences with being a part of DAMNED. Feel free to share any thoughts of attending the DAMNED events, the DAMNED friendships you may have created and and/or how DAMNED may have affected you as an artist.

Forever thankful for the opportunity to be apart of & reveal a very special statement at DAMNED 2019! After attending the year prior, I was mesmerized by the beauty, power & light that can come from the darkness. From the incredible live performances, to the multitude of mediums that brought consciousness to the harder topics in life. It is interesting looking back a year later on 2019, DAMNED & my entry "How Many Must Burn?". Initially inspired by a trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains right before the '19 California wildfires. Holding intention to bring light to the increasing destruction of Mother Nature & her/our resources. Yet today this piece seems more relevant than ever before. Having just faced even more traumatic fires along the west coast, on top of the universal tension of 2020, the question remains the same... How many must burn before we will make a change? Will it start today or after the last tree has fallen to the ashes?


Submit up to 3 images of exhibited artwork below. NOTE: All uploaded images MUST have been exhibited at DAMNED.

Image 1
Title 1
How Many Must Burn? (Side)
Medium 1
Borosilicate Flameworked Glass
Image 2
Title 2
How Many Must Burn? (Full)
Medium 2
Borosilicate Flameworked Glass
Image 3
Title 3
How Many Must Burn? (Face)
Medium 3
Borosilicate Flameworked Glass