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Colleen Garrison
2018, 2019


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I was that child who was fixated on poisons and dead things. I never grew out of it of course. Now I just have more motivation and resources. I did not begin to really put myself into the darkest of art until my spine disease got really intense and I was in a lot of pain and started spending more time alone. Chronic pain is an amazing shadow of creativity that will coat your soul and make you look at things in a deeper, more selfish light. Then I BROKE my spine and it was official after that. I stopped doing art to please others and started making things for myself only. I have had a lot of rejection from shows, festivals, etc and often feel its because the things I create do not "fit in" or play nice with others.. I have a fear and disdain of most social media which causes me to miss out of 90% of all opportunities. That is why I was grateful that somehow I got an email about a call of entry for a show I had never heard of in Detroit! I was so excited I completed my entry in 4 days. I love the DAMNED event its gorgeous, smells good, and no one refers to my art as "Halloween decorations"! I had my pieces displayed and sell the last two years and look forward to enter and attend again in the future. I enjoy making pieces that are functional. The two Damned pieces were made to hang jewelry and other items. I never use the right paint, everything is usually crooked, and that is why I love what I do. The initial lockdown period of this pandemic halted my creativity temporarily, I'm not privy to free time after my full-time, "essential" workday is over. I'm used to hovering over a pile of dolls with a blowtorch at 2am after bartending parties at night, then stumbling into my day job the next morning covered in E600 and metal bits. But now that I"m working all the time again and no longer have nights and weekends free I'm back baby. I am working on a new series that is gross and funny and lovely all the same time. I cannot wait to get it finished and get more rejection from all the traditional outlets and coincidingly more love from all my dark comrades like yourselves xxoo


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Image 1
Title 1
Stop and fix your head
Medium 1
wood, metal, plastic
Image 2
Title 2
The Fairest
Medium 2
Wood, paper, plastic
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Title 3
Medium 3