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Paula Arwen Owen


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Originally created as a cover for Mythic Delirium Magazine, this image of an ashen woman hidden in her cave evokes the pain of depression and despair. She is trapped and rooted beneath the earth but she reaches out towards the fiery roots and veins of life that flow around her. It conveys sadness and beauty together, and the cycle of decay and rebirth. The original was created using hand cut paper and digital collage. I was honored to be chosen as an artist for The DAMNED Show. I love to create dark art, and it's great to find such an appreciative audience.


Submit up to 3 images of exhibited artwork below. NOTE: All uploaded images MUST have been exhibited at DAMNED.

Image 1
Title 1
Roots of Her Despair
Medium 1
Hand cut paper and digital collage
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Title 2
Medium 2
Image 3
Title 3
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