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Sofía Syntaxx
2016, 2018


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I ran from my shadow; it followed wherever I went. I am tired of running, so now I'll remain in the darkness and let my shadow consume me. This was the poem I wrote to accompany GASHKII-DIGIT-AYALA [it is dark as night], my piece from at the DAMNED IX show. I remember the first time I saw a DAMNED flyer as a baby artist, fresh out of the Navy and just transplanted to Detroit. I was immediately intrigued and submitted my art to the show. To my surprised and dismay, it was rejected. A friend took me as their date to the show that year, and when I entered, I immediately knew why my art had not made the cut. DAMNED was a dark place, and I was convinced that my style would never fit into the show. However, I met lots of fellow artists and performers at that show, and our friendships blossomed over the years. I could never have imagined from that first meeting how close we would become. My DAMNED friends encouraged me to try again, and this time my work was accepted. My heart swelled with pride to have my art on display in a show I had respected and attended for so many years. I felt like I had finally “arrived” and was even more thrilled when my piece sold on the opening night of the show! There’s a lot of love that goes into curating and making this show happen each year, and I am eternally grateful to be part of the DAMNED community.


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GASHKII-DIGIT-AYALA [it is dark as night]
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Digital Illustration
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