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Marcus Concernicus
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


As much as I loved creating new art pieces for the DAMNED Gallery, I was also hypnotized by the performance art and music. Dixon always created an amazing mood for the event, and since my first year at DAMNED I wanted to get more involved with that. I was invited to accompany Satori Circus one year for one of his wild pieces, and I has hooked. Then I was invited to play for the private dinner, and for the second night of DAMNED Enlightenment and that was when I felt like I made the right impression on the DAMNED show. Every season, I looked forward to working with all the DAMNED performance artists, gathering their ideas and tailoring music just for them. Every performance demanded a new sound or feeling. Dixon with his violin brought the beautiful soul crushing sounds for the first night, and I with my piano/loops would lift the mood with whimsical soundscapes accenting the lighter side of DAMNED. Every year the performances were more intense than the last, and I loved every moment taking part in the delightful madness. It's been an honor to be DAMNED, and I look forward to dancing in the fire again.


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